Our Vranec is a quality dry red wine produced from the finest Vranec grapes.  This exceptional wine represents one of the most highly appreciated tastes coming from Macedonia.

  • Aged more than six months with American oak
  • The wine is characterized by intense dark and deep ruby color,
  • Harmonious taste of dark forest fruits,
  • Mouthfilling texture,
  • Smooth but well structured, 
  • With a generous touch of toasted American oak.

Best Combined With

Served at temperatures between 16-18 °C, it is an ideal match for roasted and grilled meat, as it amplifies its flavor.


345 MKD/Bottle

An excellent example of a wine to remember... Great value and a taste of perfection... Highly recommended! 🥂​
Past Purchaser
It's clear that the wine is made with taste. It was probably the best wine at this year's wine festival.
Past Purchaser