The winery’s foundations were set in 2005y., in a small village idyllic surrounding, were the climatic and soil conditions are unique, complimented by clean and ecological environment. The winery itself is half dug in the hill side to maintain a colder temperature then the outside, which can reach over 40 °C in the summer. The current capacity is 100 000 liters, which we consider to be the optimal capacity for maintaining a high quality wine.
The winery includes a tasting room and a laboratory, which is essential for any good winery, in order to monitor the grape and wine production. In the laboratory a large number of measurements take place, such as: Sugar content, Acids content, Dissolved oxygen etc., all with the aim to produce a quality wine.
The wine is stored in a controlled temperature environment, thanks to the cooling system installed which is the same system that is used to control the temperature during the fermentation. The separate wine storage where the bottled wine goes, does not need any additional cooling, since the temperature does not exceed 15 °C.